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EBA Extreme II Designs portray the contemporary look and innovative design that EBA represents.
The Extreme II display will attract clientele that is ready to play, experiment and spend. The EBA Extreme II designs will drastically expand your current stencil selection, the spectrum of your customers and consequently, your profits.
Each Extreme II stencil design originated from a hand drawn illustration by one of EBA’s talented artists. Each drawing was then converted and carefully bridged into an easy to use stencil. The actual airbrush tattoos take anywhere from 2-5 minutes to apply and retail for $15.00-$45.00.
Additionally, EBA’s Extreme II display brings you the first tattoo sleeve stencils ever designed. Each tattoo sleeve stencil comes with EBA’s exclusive and patent pending StencilFlex technology. Consisting of two parts and engraved instructions, EBA sleeves allow for a user friendly and relatively fast application.
Tested at EBA’s own retail locations, these designs are a must for businesses that are serious about keeping up to date with contemporary fashion trends and the always changing needs and demands of our customers.
EBA Extreme II is the most sophisticated collection of designs we’ve aver designed.

  • Introducing the very first and only airbrush tattoo SLEEVE STENCILS available
  • Attract more clientele, expand your selection, earn more profits
  • Easy to use stencils with StencilFlex technology
  • Engraved instruction, bridged stencils
  • Original artwork based on most requested designs and contemporary look

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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 30.00 in