ZeroG II Complete 8 Color System



EBA introduces the all new ZeroG II Airbrush. This state of the art airbrush features patent pending technology that revolutionizes the airbrush industry. This airbrush color system is offered exclusively by European Body Art.

Includes: 1 Airbrush, 1 Air hose, 1 Z-8 for ZeroG II, 8x Needle/Nozzle/15cc Clear Bottle
Also Includes at No Charge: 1 Cleaning tool, 1 Case with Custom Foam, 8 Needle Guards

There is no other system that will provide the same efficiency, user friendly application, functionality and performance as the ZeroG II Complete 8 Color System. Its breakthrough design allows you to apply colorful airbrush face painting, airbrush tattoos, special effects or cosmetic makeup using the same airbrush without flushing or cleaning. It takes virtually seconds to switch between different colors or makeup media and there are no extra air-hoses or airbrushes in the way. The system does not require any cleaning if used again within seven days, saving you time and labor. Simply screw on or unscrew the air-hose and the system is ready to go…. Did we mention that you can do all of this with one hand? The included Z8 airbrush station for ZeroG II allows the artist to switch between colors using one hand when using 8 color cartridges. Additionally, the holder can hold and safely transfer up to 16 colors and 2 airbrushes. With set up and break down time of less than a minute, this is truly the airbrush system with ZERO limitations.

New design features

  • New 0.7mm nozzle/needle
  • New cartridge cylinder design (sturdy metal construction)
  • New regulator design (with surface texture for improved handling)
  • New cartridge design (shorter design increasing paint flow and spraying performance)

Standard features:

  • 0.7mm nozzle/needle cartridges-standard
  • Clear bottle-standard
  • Short handle-standard

Zero Cleaning: This is possible due to the fact that paint never comes in contact with the airbrush. Furthermore, the color cartridges are airtight so there is no cleaning necessary, allowing you to save time and labor.

Zero Flushing: Because the paint is externally fed, the ZeroG II allows the user to switch between colors and different makeup media, instantly, without any flushing.

Zero Clogging: The ZeroG offers a fast and efficient system without any clogging. The nozzle and needle assembly is designed to keep the air from entering the cartridge eliminating the ability for the paint to dry and clog.

Zero Limitations: The ZeroG II can produce fine, accurate lines and can be adjusted to a wider spray pattern for more coverage. Furthermore, the revolutionary technology only requires one hand to switch between colors and makeup media when used in conjunction with the Z-8 or Z-6 for ZeroG.

With new features like optional .35mil nozzles and a redesigned cartridge cylinder that features sturdy metal construction, the ZeroG II redefines simplicity and efficiency. The ZeroG II delivers everything in one small package that takes less than one minute to set up and break down. The ZeroG II is by far the fastest and most user friendly airbrush color system today.

* ZeroG II Color Cartridge and EBA Paint Not Included

“Gravity fed airbrush with Zero limitations”
Zero Cleaning
Zero Flushing
Zero Clogging
Zero Limitations

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  • Model: PR01-03-ZG-8
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Manufactured by: EBA

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in