Grip FX



60 mil/2oz
Medical Grade Glitter and FX Adhesive
Application: Airbrush Spray/Brush
Capacity: 480 tattoos

EBA GripFx and GlitterFX adhesive is the most innovative and versatile medical grade adhesive available on the market today. It is a water based adhesive that provides an excellent yet flexible grip for glitter tattoos, prosthetics, stencils and other body art applications requiring an adhesive. The GripFX exclusive formula allows for both a brush and an airbrush application (designed, tested and approved for EBA’s ZeroG airbrush). By choosing to apply GripFX with a brush, you now only need one adhesive for manually applying glitter tattoos and prosthetics. Glitter designs are an inexpensive add on to a current business and can be applied with or without a stencil (for the more confident artist).

Furthermore, because GripFX can be used with an airbrush, artists can now create intricate glitter artwork layered over any makeup using reusable stencils. This ground breaking process allows the artist to apply the shimmer quickly without having to painstakingly brush on the adhesive first. Furthermore, since GripFX is applied with an airbrush and stencils, the designs can be extremely detailed and the application itself allows for a wide range of opportunities never seen before. Using GripFX with reusable stencils not only offers unlimited special effects, but the stencils can be now reused for other projects, saving you money.

General application:

  • Designed for glitter tattoos, prosthetics and stencils
  • Applicable with brush and ZeroG airbrush
  • Fast, clean and even application

Airbrush application:

  • Use with LamTac adhesive or Premium reusable stencils
  • Fast and clean application
  • Achieve unrivaled detail
  • Apply uniform coverage (uses less adhesive)
  • Create superb effects: Use over Endura or Vibe makeup to create body art with glitter effects

Additional information

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2 oz