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EBA Cart System




If your business requires an easy to operate, portable and completely self-contained, one piece operation, the EBA CartPlus System is your solution. The CartPlus System consists of a single push cart that contains all the equipment, supplies and accessories necessary for the operation of airbrush tattoos, glitter body art and face painting (available with Hybrid System only).

The CartPlus System comes standard with a CO2 tank so it can be placed in locations where electricity is not an option. The cart can be transported easily allowing the system to be strategically placed in the most lucrative locations such as party zones, nearby entrance or gift shop areas. The all new ZeroG II airbrush is also a standard on the CartPlus System allowing easy and virtually maintenance free operation for businesses with employees. As compared to other systems, the display graphics (flash) are conveniently placed directly onto the front and side of the cart eliminating additional bulky and free standing displays.

The EBA push cart comes with 2 locking storages including a built-in stencil organizer. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and close down the business saving time and labor expenses. Most importantly, the design of the CartPlus System allows for a very cost-effective alternative when compared to other systems within the same category.


1 8 Valve Inline Manifold

1 Manifold Hose

8 EBA Dual Action EPIC Airbrushes with colored handles

8 3ft Air hoses 1/4″ x 1/8″

8 1 oz Plastic Bottles

8 1oz Fast Blast Bottle Assemblies

4 Quick Disconnects with air regulators

4 Extra Airbrush Colored Handles: Orange, Pink, Brown, Purple

1 3in. Air Hose 1/8″ x 1/8″

1 1/8″ x 1/8″ male adapter

2 Hook and Loop Ties

1 Airbrush Case with foam

1 GlitterFX Adhesive



1 ZeroG II Airbrush

1 Hose Mini Moisture Trap

1 Quick Disconnect with air regulator

8 ZeroG II Cartridges- 0.7mm

1 ZeroG Hose 10ft. 1/8″ x 1/8″

2 ZeroG II Airbrush Case with foam

1 ZeroG II Quick Set Up Manual

1 ZeroG II Training DVD

1 GripFX Adhesive



63 Tattoo Designs

Your choice of Premium reusable or LamTac adhesive stencils (63 Premium stencils or 378 LamTac stencils)

1 29″x35″‘ Table front, full color, digital printed PVC Tattoo Display with stencils: BD-L-1

1 21″x35″ Table side, full color, digital printed PVC with Facil Faces Stencils: BD-FA-01

21 Facil Faces Stencil Designs(35 Premium Stencils)

20 Practice Stencils



Endura Tattoo Ink:

8 oz Black

4oz Red, Blue, Yellow, ProEndura, White, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Blue

0.5 oz Green Glitter

0.5 oz Pink Glitter

0.5 oz Gold Glitter

0.5 oz Lavender Glitter

Vibe Makeup:

4oz Black , White, Yellow, Blue. Red, Fluoro Pink



1 10 lb. Co2 Tank

1 Regulator and gauge for Co2

1 1/8″ x 1/8″ male adapter

1 Airbrush Cleaning Kit

1 Pack Pointed Cotton Swabs

1 Refillable Powder Brush

1 Large Glitter Cleaning Brush

2 Glitter Brush

1 Large Stencil Display Book

1 Alcohol Dispenser

10 Hanging Folder

1 Glitter Case



1 Custom Logo

500 Care Cards

DVD Training Video

CD Training Manual

Club Membership

Club Reward Zone



T4 Extreme Station

– 1 Airbrush Bin (Varies per Airbrush Option)

– 6.5’ Umbrella

Additional information

Weight 10.00 lbs

Epic DAT, ZeroG II