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EBA Advantage Plus HB




EBA ADVANTAGE Plus-HB System (ADVP-HB) is an ideal business choice for private events, clubs, small to medium festivals and fairs, FEC centers and small amusement parks. As with all of our Hybrid systems, the ADVP-HB will provide your guests with multiple entertainment options. From airbrush tattoos to glitter tattoos, face painting and glow in the dark tattoos, Advantage Plus Hybrid has it all. The system is compact enough to fit into a medium size vehicle yet big enough to impress your clientele with its large selection of designs and services.

The system comes with the all-new 2011 T3 Roadster Station, 3 professional display banners, over 190 tattoo designs and 11 full face stencil sets. The universal compressor and 8 dual action EBA airbrushes allow for 2 employees working at the same time.


1 8 Valve Manifold

1 Manifold Hose

8 EBA Dual Action Custom Airbrushes with colored handles

2 Extra Airbrush Handles: Green, White

4 Quick disconnects with air regulators

8 3ft Air hoses 1/4″ x 1/8″

8 1 oz Plastic Bottles

8 1oz Fast Blast Bottle Assemblies

2 Hook and Loop Ties

1 Airbrush Case with foam

1 GlitterFX Adhesive



1 ZeroG Z-8 Airbrush Holder with 2 clamps

1 ZeroG II Airbrush

1 Hose Mini Moisture Trap

1 Quick Disconnect with air regulator

8 ZeroG II Cartridges- 0.7mm

1 ZeroG Hose 6ft. 1/8″ x 1/8″

2 ZeroG II Airbrush Case with foam

1 ZeroG II Quick Set Up Manual

1 ZeroG II Training DVD

1 GripFX Adhesive



193 Tattoo Designs

(131 designs + 62 character and symbols)

Your choice of Premium reusable or LamTac adhesive stencils (193 Premium stencils or 786 LamTac stencils)

Old English Alphabet, numbers, signs

2 2’x5′ Tattoo Banners:

BD-L-1 BD-L-10

11 Facil Faces Designs

(35 Premium stencils)

31 Facil Faces accent designs

(5 Premium stencils)

1 2’x5′ Facil Faces Banners BD-FA-01

20 LamTac Practice Stencils



Endura Tattoo Ink:

8 oz Black

4 oz Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White

1 oz ClearGlow, Fluro Pink, Fluro Yellow, Metallic Lavender, Metallic Gold

4 oz ProEndura

0.5 oz Green Glitter

0.5 oz Sky Glitter

0.5 oz Pink Glitter

0.5 oz Red Glitter

0.5 oz Gold Glitter

0.5 oz Lavender Glitter

Vibe Makeup:

4 oz Black, White

1 oz Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Fluoro Pink, Metallic Bronze



1 Universal Compressor

1 Airbrush Cleaning Kit

1 Pack Pointed Cotton Swabs

1 Retractable Powder Brush

2 Glitter brushes

1 Large Glitter Cleaning Brush

1 Glitter Case

1 Stencil Display Book

1 Alcohol Dispenser

1 EZ file with hanging folders



1 Custom Logo

500 Care Cards

50 Marketing Brochures

250 Business Cards

DVD Training Video

CD Training Manual

Club Membership

Club Reward Zone



3 X-Banner Stands

T3 2011 Roadster Case including shelf with airbrush and supply holder

Additional information

Weight 10.00 lbs

Epic DAT, ZeroG II