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The Endura PRO edition consists of alcohol based makeup formulated with the same properties and qualities as EBA’s original Endura brand makeup, however, higher pigmentation and lower viscosity have been implemented.

Endura PRO liquids come with higher level of pigmentation resulting in an increased coverage and more versatile application including airbrush, brush and sponge. Additionally, Endura PRO’s low viscosity enables artists to work with a reduced airbrush psi setting inside enclosed makeup trailers or small rooms (without the “makeup cloud effect”).

The product is available through our  distributors, participating schools and trade shows.

The Endura PRO makeup provides exceptional wear ability and water resistance when used on human skin and it also holds extremely well when used on foam, latex, rubber or encapsulated silicone prosthetics.  
For more realistic and translucent effects the Endura PRO colors can be cut down with the Transluz thinner without sacrificing the quality and consistency of the paint.
Endura PRO can be easily removed with EBA’s alcohol based VAPORE or with the alcohol free UNVEIL makeup moisturizing remover.

Endura PRO alcohol based makeup is made in the USA at European Body Art facility implementing strict manufacturing and FDA compliant measurements and EBA’s proprietary formulas. All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA.

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Aged Tattoo, Graphite, Henna Brown, Intense Purple, Maroon, Oil Spill, Seaweed Green, Fetid Flesh, Decayed, Contusion, Clot, Bile, Liver, Rancid, Spleen, Tainted Tissue, Tendon, Pale Dead, Light Gray, Nicotine Stain, Night Swamp, Dirty Brown, Vein Tone, Charcoal, Vein Bood, Aged Blood, Bruise Purple, Prime White, Prime Black, Prime Red, Prime Green, Prime Yellow, Prime Blue, Fresh Blood, Dried Blood, Bruise Red, Mauve


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