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Endura BROW Packs


The EnduraBrow makeup packs consist of a variety of alcohol based makeup kits and colors designed for eyebrows.  Please make your size and makeup kit selection from the included options. The individual colors are neatly packaged in a clear box making sure your makeup station or makeup kit always stays organized.



EnduraBROW is a water resistant eyebrow makeup delivering instant color coupled with a fast drying formula.  Due to its high pigmentation and low viscosity EnduraBROW applies effortlessly using an airbrush, brush or mascara applicator.

EnduraBROW is the perfect makeup for enhancing an existing brow or drawing eyebrows on a bare skin.  EnduraBROW can last up to 48 hours and it is water, transfer and smudge resistant. The color is removable with shampoo, soap or EBA’s VAPORE makeup remover. When looking to create perfect lines, the makeup works well when used in combination with EBA brow stencils.

EnduraBROW has been tested and used by film and television makeup artists meeting the most challenging applications and environments.


  1. 1/4oz bottles with dropper cap
  2. 6 Pack of EnduraBROW colors (light or dark)
  3. Clear Case
  4. Instructions


  • Beauty and Bridal
  • Special fx and film
  • Theater
  • Daily use


  • Up to 48 Hours water and transfer resistant
  • Realistic natural brow color
  • Micronized HD pigments
  • Instant drying
  • Applicable with airbrush, mascara or brush
  • Easily Removable with shampoo, soap or VAPORE
  • Made in the USA by EBA
  • Exclusive formulation
  • FDA approved ingredients


Endura Brow can be diluted by Transulz or 99% alcohol as needed. The makeup can be easily removed with shampoo, soap or EBA’s VAPORE makeup remover.

Endura Brow alcohol based makeup is made in the USA at EBA Performance Makeup’s own facility implementing strict manufacturing and FDA compliant measurements and EBA’s proprietary formulas. All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA.

Endura is gluten, paraben, mica, and silicon free.

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0.2 oz 6 PACK, 0.5 oz 6 PACK